Seth Honnor and Cie Kaleider – The Money

27th – 29th August 2018

The Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

The British (young) company Kaleider, has invented a game-theatre-performance, where audience can only achieve a goal, by working together, making a connection and talking to one another. We like to expand the imagination of our audience, of what theatre can or can’t be.

Noorderzon Radio

23rd – 31st August 2018
The Noorderzon festivl, Groningen, The Netherlands

“They are sharp and again on Noorderzon: Glasnost!”

After having made a daily live radio show of three hours for three years in a row, Glasnost – the Groningen journalistic magazine about art and science – is taking a completely different approach this year at Noorderzon.


23rd – 31st August 2018
Noorderzon festival 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands

Rotor Colleges / Noorderzons Context programme is broader then ever and has been able to grow due to Create To Connect: a broad context programme consisting of lectures, debates, classes and in depth context programme. This year also for the second time with local newspaper as partner for a couple of days programm about local environment, the context we work and live in. And three lectures especially for children.

Talks with Joost Ramaer

23rd – 31st August 2018
Noorderzon festival 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands

Meet the Artist: Interviews & post-show conversations
Who exactly are those artists coming from afar and sometimes from very nearby? What are they here for? They would love to tell you, as we would too!

Bram Esser – The stories of Groningen

27th – 29th August
Noorderzon festival 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands

TV Live – at Noorderzon Festival / Conscious Living TV, live!
Life questions and housing issues
The 70s irrevocably left their mark on the design of the city of Groningen. Just think of the much-discussed Traffic Circulation Plan, a state-of-the-art cauliflower district such as Beijum and the construction of Lewenborg with the progressive ideas of garden architect Louis le Roy.

Marieke Kijk in de Vegte/Groningen Archieven – Before mono there was

24th – 29th August 2018
Noorderzon festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

The project was planned with Janek Turkowski, but in the process the decision was made that Marieke Kijk will be the development artist.
“Marieke looks back in time “
Anyone thinking that 3D is a typical modern phenomenon has got it wrong. The first virtual reality photographs were already being made in the mid-19th century.

Johannes Bellinkx – Reverse

24th – 27th August 2018

Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

Johannes Bellinkx and his crew made an adaptation, a completely new project on every venue, location they perform. They placed site visits from May and worked nonstop from the start of August to get their project up and running for the festival. Reverse makes people turn upside down, and question their own heritage, their trust.

Nassim Soleimanpour – Nassim

23rd – 25th August 2016

Noorderzon festival 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands

Nassims project – and adaptation in Groningen, with three, local celebrities – was secret festival tip. The local celebrities were locally sourced by us as organizer and not prepared at all for this participatory role, at explicit wished of Nassim. Because Nassim comes from a difficult background – as an Irianian, he was ‘trapped’in his own country for years – he is very interested in how people connect, even if they cannot – for various reasons – communicate (easily) with each other.

Mammalian Diving Reflex: All the Sex I’ve Ever Had

24th, 25th, and 26th August 2018
Old Power Station
Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the frame of Mladi levi festival

Led by Artistic Director Darren O’Donnell, Mammalian Diving Reflex uses a working method called »social acupuncture«, the belief that the power, potency and significance of theatre can be revived by civic engagement and social interaction as an aesthetic. Mammalian Diving Reflex focuses on participatory processes, working with local communities to create rigorously crafted and provocative performances.

Leja Jurišić, Marko Mandić: TOGETHER (SI)

27th August 2018
Old Power Station
Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the frame of Mladi levi festival.

Six hours on stage together; Leja Jurišić, a hurricane of the contemporary dance scene, embodying feminism and engagement, who shifts between performance, dancing and choreography with ease, and Marko Mandić, one of the leading actors of National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, who also triumphs on other stages and other theatre territories, and is known for his phenomenal use of the body as his acting tool.

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