Topias Urbanas & Rui Catalão: DIAS DE MARVILA / MARVILA DAYS

22th to 24th September 2017
Teatro Maria Matos & Biblioteca de Marvila – Bairro de Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal

Teatro Maria Matos and Biblioteca de Marvila are neighbours, being situated in adjacent areas of the city, less than eight minutes from each other by car or train. For three days, they will join together to offer a cultural programme to the inhabitants of Marvila and Alvalade, and the whole city of Lisbon.
Rui Catalão presents two plays that rely on the participation of the inhabitants of Marvila, Assembleia and E agora nós. The Topias Urbanas project, which has been operating in Marvila for the past ten months, at the invitation of Teatro Maria Matos, organises walking tours, interventions and activities in the neighbourhoods of Marquês de Abrantes and Lóios.

Topias Urbanas
“WPK: images between reality and fiction”
Topias Urbanas invites us to rethink the images that we have about Marvila, through the eyes of some of its inhabitants. A video exercise will be presented which was made together with a group of young residents in this area. It is a fictional story based on their everyday experiences and proposes new stories and new ways of looking at this district.

Performative Game
Topias Urbanas
“Pink Panther: building-city, beyond utopia and dystopia”
In the 1960s, Chelas was a laboratory of utopian models for collective housing. This was how the Pantera Cor-de-Rosa [Pink Panther] came into being, a housing complex in Bairro dos Lóios composed of various buildings which together form a space-street that includes a garden and a public square. Together with the residents, Topias Urbanas have designed a game that can be played based on these questions.

Topias Urbanas
“Cartography in motion – Drifting through the neighbourhood and its times”
In the Chelas area, there are all manner of historical periods mixed together in this piece of the city. Cartography in motion [Cartografia em movimento] suggests that we take a walk through Bairro Marquês de Abrantes to discover these different times and the way in which they are now lived and experienced. The final moment of this journey will be marked by a meeting between visitors and residents, all centred around the collective game that takes place here every day.

Guided tour & Talk
Topias Urbanas
“The Allotments of Chelas: The Activation and Transmission of a Practice”,
Chelas is marked by the presence of various allotments, created and cared for by the inhabitants of its several neighbourhoods. Topias Urbanas proposes a meeting at the Quinta das Flores as the starting point for a conversation about the diversity of the Allotments of Chelas and their role in the lives of those who take care of them.
Gustavo Ciríaco – Topias Urbanas
“Where the horizon moves”
Topias Urbanas invites the Brazilian artist Gustavo Ciríaco to Chelas to repeat the performance Where the horizon moves moves [Onde o horizonte se move]. Based on our position at a certain place, Where the horizon moves [Onde o horizonte se move] allows us to see a gradual transformation of the city’s landscape, through the figures that appear and disappear on the horizons and the actions that serve to shape the common field of vision.

Rui Catalão
“Assembleia [Meeting]”
Pedro and Solange have an age difference of nine years. They represent two distinct ways of facing the world, relationships and the very means of communication itself. Only one thing seems to bring them closer to one another: the way in which they spend their days closed off from the outside world. Assembleia [Meeting] is the result of a theatrical experiment that took place in various neighbourhoods in Marvila.

Rui Catalão
“E Agora Nós [And Now Us]”
E Agora Nós [And Now Us] is a meeting place designed to develop a dramaturgy of the oral expression, with characters in transit from the African shore to the outskirts of Lisbon, before their children scatter all over the rest of Europe. Assembling short episodes where the world of labour and intimacy cross, the public presentations become community celebrations, sharing moments of the greatest human odyssey: that of the great migrations

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