Seth Honnor and Cie Kaleider – The Money

27th – 29th August 2018

The Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

The British (young) company Kaleider, has invented a game-theatre-performance, where audience can only achieve a goal, by working together, making a connection and talking to one another. We like to expand the imagination of our audience, of what theatre can or can’t be. With the shows – the games – of Kaleider we did. We presented this as a show, our audience can pick two types of tickets: to participate as a player (you actually play the game) or to participate as a witness. Most clever is, that most of our audience is very involved with what we present, so during the show one could also still change from witness to player, if you really wanted to play. There were 15 players per show, and these 15 are guided by the company to play the game. At stake is 15 times the ticketprice they collectively played and to find one cause to spend it on and everyone agrees upon. This show quickly became a dynamic in itself and taught both the audience as well as the players (and us!), how important shared space, shared dialogue, shared ideals are. Or better: do we still have those, in this century of capitalism? Great and well received shows, both by ‘witnesses’ as well as players and again; complete strangers who have made a connection (for life?) with each other, by the platform of an art show on our festival. Funny details: the show was performed five times, we have 3 shared agreements to follow up as organiser, and to spend the money on!

An astounding money game with compelling consequences

The game: The Money. The aim: To reach a unanimous decision about how to spend some money.  The rules: You have exactly one hour to work with others to reach a unanimous decision, otherwise the money rolls over to the next event, you have to stay within the law and you can’t give the money to charities. Welcome to The Money, Kaleider’s international hit showgame, in which 15 strangers address the question: What would you spend money on? The Money is both a game and a compelling performance; often funny, sometimes malicious, and always revealing. Everyone is an accomplice, whether you choose the role of Silent Witness or Player. The game exposes human relationships whilst asking big questions about the nature of money, community, and democracy. With as bonus a guaranteed discussion reviewing it afterwards in the park. Value for money, if ever there was.You can either be a Player (€10) and have a voice, or watch as a Silent Witness. But Silent Witnesses should bring an extra €10 in their pocket, so they can buy their way in at any time, become a Player, and change the direction of the show.

A piece where audience plays a game – with money, so the stakes are high.

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