Publishing of the CREATE TO CONNECT’S BOOK

July 2018


We are happy to announce the publishing of the Create to Connect’s book titled Performance – Public – Politics: Examining European representative democracy. The book is being edited by two critics and theoreticians Ana Vujanović and Livia Andrea Piazza. Contributing authors are renown toeoreticians and arts or cultural practitioners from across Europe. Here we are presenting the contents of the book:

Performance – Public – Politics
Examining European representative democracy

Introduction: Ana Vujanović and Livia Andrea Piazza
Thinking Around the Idea of Overwhelming Imagination: Livia Andrea Piazza
An Undecidable Object Heading Elsewhere: Silvia Bottiroli
The Power of the Presentist-Performative: On Current Democracy Movements: Isabell Lorey
On the Politicality of Contemporary Performance: Some European cases: Ana Vujanović
Towards a Theory of Prefigurative Practices: Valeria Graziano
The Procedural, the Prescriptive and the Prefigurative Performance: Some Reflections on the Question of Time of Political Action: Bojana Cvejić
Performance, Institutions and Gatherings: Between Democratic and Technocratic European Cultural Space: Bojana Kunst
Theatre as Assembly: Sp heres of Radical Imagination and Pragmatic Utopias: Florian Malzacher
The View from Matter: Goran Sergej Pristaš
On Coexisting, Mending and Imagining: Notes on the Domestics of Performance: Giulia Palladini
A Live Gathering Dictionary: Stina Nyberg
This link will lead you to the pdf file of the book, available online: Performance-Public-Politics_LG_full publication

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