Bunker, Ljubljana

Bunker is a non-profit NGO for the realization and organization of cultural events. Bunker produces and presents contemporary performances, organizes educational programs, carries out research methods in the field of culture and organizes two contemporary performing arts festivals: Mladi levi and Drugajanje. Bunker is also managing and programming the venue Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana.

The aim of Bunker is to refresh the Slovene cultural landscape with innovative approaches. It encourages the mobility of artists and their works and promote the intertwining of different art disciplines. It creates a space for exchange of experiences, knowledge and interests among artists and audiences. Bunker tries to stimulate discussions about artistic practices and subjects; and to create artistic programs that reflect on social, ecological, political and cultural issues. Bunker collaborates with numerous artists, venues and festivals and is involved in networks that range from cultural policy to mobility.

Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Teatro Maria Matos is one of Lisbon’s two municipal theatres. Oriented towards contemporary creation, it hosts and coproduces theatre and dance performances, concerts, and children and youths projects. As far as programming goes, Teatro Maria Matos stands as a driving force and active partner for contemporary creation in Lisbon and in Portugal; it collaborates with independent artists and companies, coproduces several festivals (among which FIMFA, Alkantara Festival, Almada Festival and Temps d’images), commissions thematic events, and shares programming cycles with other institutions such as the Theatre/Music cycle with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Teatro Maria Matos actively promotes exchange and collaboration at an international level, thus inscribing national creation in a European and global context. Teatro Maria Matos’ international orientation can be seen in the regular presentation of foreign artists, the international coproductions and the internationalisation of Portuguese creation.

AltArt Foundation

AltArt contributes to promoting the impact of culture on societal development through art production and events, research, debates, networking and policy work. Its projects involve the development of interactive platforms, artistic interventions in public space, a series of mixed reality events exploring new cultural dimensions through the use of the Internet and new technologies, workshops, exhibitions, live art events etc.

AltArt projects deal with topics related to public space, urban regeneration, identity and social relations in digital space. AltArt is founding member of the Fabrica de Pensule/Paintbrush Factory Federation (an independent collective space for contemporary arts) and active in the European initiative A Soul for Europe and in the Balkan Express network.

Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette

Located at the very heart of Northern Paris, the Parc de la Villette is a public institution depending on the French ministry of Culture. Its activities (indoor and outdoor) aim at developing and giving support to new cultural forms in the field of performing and visual vrts. The Parc de la Villette offers a wide range of events from festivals to series of representations.

Throughout the years, the Parc de la Villette earned notoriety giving visibility to both groundbreaking aesthetics and popular genres but also international artist to a wider audience, taking advantage of a very favorable location and a variety of infrastructures. For many years now, the Parc de la Villette is well-known for its skills in the field of international artistic projects and for involving international artists in activities provided for the neighborhood at a local scale. The Parc de la Villette is an open and lively institution which displays a numerous and high quality artistic offer with a socializing and reflective approach.


With more than 30 years’ experience working across theatre, visual arts, dance, live art and performance, Artsadmin provides an unparalleled resource for contemporary artists. Artsadmin produces, supports and promotes arts projects locally, nationally and internationally, developing long-term relationships with artists, in partnership with other producers, promoters and festivals.

Artsadmin is continually exploring new contexts in which artists can both create and present their work. The organisation works with artists to create innovative participatory projects, indoor and outdoor, which engage a completely new audience, many of whom have no history of participating in or attending arts events. Projects like Dominoes; a city-wide breeze block domino rally built by hundreds of volunteers, Hunt & Darton’s café art space installed for a month on a local high street, and A Little Patch of Ground, which brought together cross-generational groups to create a vegetable gardens in the middle of the city, have all engaged audiences in new and creative ways.

Artsadmin would now like to explore this more participative model on an international level, allowing artists to develop a longer and deeper relations with audience.

Santarcangelo dei Teatri

Santarcangelo dei Teatri is one of the main international performing arts festivals in Italy. During more than 40 years, it contributed in a significant way to the development of contemporary theatre and new audiences, and it is considered by the international community among the most innovative theatre festivals of the region. Every year in July Santarcangelo becomes a village-theatre, transforming its architectures into venues for performances, installations, workshops, lectures, debate, and welcoming several international and national artists and thousands of spectators, who mix themselves with the local citizens.

Santarcangelo is a place for artistic creation and exchange, for new risky production, for young and emergent artists. Since 2012 the festival is in a three-year project, under the direction of Silvia Bottiroli, supported by the co-direction of Rodolfo Sacchettini.

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen

Noorderzon is an annual 11-day performing arts festival with a distinctive high-quality artistic profile. With its cutting-edge international and local programming, in combination with an unusually low threshold Noorderzon appeals to a very wide and diverse public: ranging from professional to novice. The festival welcomes over 125.000 visitors, its terrain is freely accessible and about 25% of its programme is free. About 25.000 tickets are sold for the main programme, an additional 25.000 tickets for smaller performances. Noorderzon is primarily a presentor of interdisciplinary work. In close relationships with others, Noorderzon is at a modest level, katalyst or co-producer or sole producer, of new and exciting work.

Noorderzon is supported by local, regional and national authorities for the new cultural policy period of 2013 -2016. About 60% of its programme finds it’s roots outside the Netherlands, outside the EU even. About 30% comes from its immediate local environment and the remaining 10% comes from every corner of the world. Noorderzon takes place every year in the last two weeks of August – both the start of the artistic season, as well as the onofficial end of the past cultural year. Noorderzon has it’s base in the youngest city of the Netherlands; Groningen. Groningen is the biggest city – around 200.000 inhabitants of which 60.000 are students – of the North of the Netherlands. Noorderzon uses the structures of artistic partners for it’s presentations as well as creating a festival heart and open air venues, in a beautiful city parc, the Noorderplantsoen.

Theater Rotterdam

Theater Rotterdam is the city theatre of Rotterdam that presents every year around 500 presentations of theatre, music, opera, youth theatre, festivals and dance in three venues and on specific locations in the city.

Theater Rotterdam produces and program in strong cohesion with a metropolitan discourse, of high quality, developes indepent talent and engages new audiences. With our multidisciplinary performances, programs and development pathways, we inspire a wide interested public. Our locations functions as beakens; they are ‘playing fields’ for the art and the city.

Theater Rotterdam manifests on a local, national and international level and does this together with the established, new and newest generation of theatremakers. Inside and outside the walls of our theatres, Theater Rotterdam places, with craftmanship and radical imagination, theatre in the centre of our worldcity. And strenghtens in this way the public and social support for podiumarts.

In 2017 Rotterdamse Schouwburg cooperate with Ro Theater, Productiehuis Rotterdam and Wunderbaum. Together they are Theater Rotterdam.

Arts and Theatre Institute

The Arts and Theatre Institute is a state-funded organization founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in 1959 as the Theatre Institute. In 2007 the institute changed its name to the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI). Its mission is to provide the Czech and international public with a comprehensive range of services in the field of theatre and individual services connected to other branches of the arts (music, literature, dance, visual arts).

The Arts and Theatre Institute collects objects and work relating to the theatre, processes and provides access to them, pursues research, initiates and participates in international projects, and publishes scholarly work. It is an organization experienced in coordination of international projects such as symposia, conferences, meetings and other projects and further and also it is a service organization of the Ministry of Culture in the field of cultural policies and funding analysis.

Walking Theory

Walking Theory (Teorija koja Hoda – TkH) is an independent (institutionally non-aligned, extra-academic) platform for performing theoretical-artistic activism. It is initiated and  run by the editorial collective whose  members are theorists and artists coming from performance theory and practice, theater, cinema, and visual arts.

Activities of Walking Theory are a theoretical practice  in the field of contemporary arts, implemented through textual production, production of performances, film and video, self-organization, critical education and cultural policy. They are realized through several programs: TkH Journal for performing arts theory, educational programs, regional online platform, inter-disciplinary performances, film, video and other artworks, hosting presentations and lectures by artists and theoreticians outside of Serbia. Walking Theory engages in collaboration with self-organized initiatives, organizations, and platforms from Belgrade, the region of Western Balkans, as well as with a few other platforms from Europe.


Fond B92 / Cultural Center REX

Cultural Center REX is a place for contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice. Through its programmes, is trying to research and present borderline fields of culture and social engagement and the fields in which different branches of art overlap. The mutual aim of projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups to articulate and put into the practice their ideas, to develop an understanding of social relations and use their knowledge and skills in a creative way. Special attention is devoted to young authors and audiences. REX is founded in 1994, but it works under legal frame of Fund B92 from 2004.

Balkan Express

Balkan Express is a network where cultural experts and integrated socially engaged practices join forces to mobilize the cultural sector in the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe as well as beyond, to encourage the exchange and collaboration and, finally, to develop sincere supporting relations between culture and society.

Institute for Applied Theatre Studies

The Institute of Applied Theatre Studies at the Justis-Liebig-Universität Gießen conceives of its teaching and research as an attempt to always challenge the supposedly given definitions and conceptions of theatre. It seeks to continuosly question theatre, to consider it negotiable and to reconceptualize theatre by means of risky and necessarily contingent models.

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