Noordezon Talks and Lectures

1st May 2018 – 31 August 2018

Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands

For as far as possible, Noorderzon aims to provide an incisive impression of current affairs in art and the wider world. The 2018 programme included a number of artistic movements that really require context to be provided, social and otherwise. This was took shape in sold-out lectures given by Ruben Terlou, Hans Aarsman and Micha de Winter, organised in conjunction with Studium Generale Groningen, an extensive academic programme created together with the University of Groningen, Science LinX, Arts in Society, and exhibitions and discussions on art, sustainability, virtual reality and healthy ageing.

Program: names of the lecture and or the professor

Marieke Kijk in de Vegte, Ruben Terlou, Micha de Winter, Hans Aarsman, Professor Wagenaar, Professor Tonelli, Porfessor Steven Willemsen, Dr Christiaan Weijts, Professor Lijster, Looing at Art; by Dr van Heusden, dr. Somner, dr. Cornelissen. Virtual Reality Explained – Dr. Van den Oever, Happiness – UMCG, Gemeente Groningen, Hanzehogeschool, Public Health – Aletta Jacobs School, Boer & Pieper – with the local newspaper, Women in Groningen in History, Sustainable Sunday, Climate change – by dr van der Gaast, Science Linx – Action-Reactie – 5 days scientific program

Noorderzon 2018 - Ruben Terlou (c) Knelis 3

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