28th June to 4th July 2018
Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon, Portugal

“Provisional Figures” is a name used in statistical studies to classify migrants whose situation and status have not yet been defined in the country to which they have emigrated. It is curious to note that, in English, the word “figure” can refer simultaneously to a number or to an important person who, in this case, occupies a provisional place.

Great Yarmouth is the place where this multidisciplinary project originated from. Its central narrative is the great upsurge in Portuguese migration to this Norfolk town. Relatively unknown to the general public is the Portuguese immigration that has taken place to this region, reaching its peak during the dark years of the economic crisis (2009-2014) and having as its ultimate destination the large food processing plants (turkeys and chickens) that have come to be installed in this area that is traditionally beset by unemployment. Recruited through the large international human resource agencies, the Portuguese who have come here in search of better living conditions have taken advantage of the accommodation available in this city, which was once a privileged holiday resort for the English middle classes.

Through the work undertaken over several months with a group of ten inhabitants from the town (both English citizens and Portuguese immigrants), this show was based on the individual testimonies of those whose lives are closely intertwined with this period of uncertainty and adaptation.

Artistic Direction: Renzo Barsotti
Stage Direction and Project Coordination: Marco Martins
Support for the Stage Direction: Nuno Lopes
Participants*: Inhabitants of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK)
Research and Documentation: Zé Pires
Workshops: Zé Pires, Sara Carinhas, Victor Hugo Pontes
Set design: Fernando Ribeiro
Lighting design: Nuno Meira
Sound design: Sérgio Milhano
Executive Production: Sofia Bernardo
Production Assistant: Rita Quelhas
A creation of: CCTAR – Centro de Criação para o Teatro e Artes de Rua
Co-production: DGArtes, Instituto Camões, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto, SeaChange Arts

Link of the project:

Provisional Figures_(c) Marco-Martins (1) manjša

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