Create to Connect is a joint effort of thirteen European cultural and research organizations to create powerful and long-lasting connections of artists, cultural operators, researchers and audience. The partners’ organizations have made commitment to several years researching and finding new approaches to audiences as well as the production models that will engage the audience in new innovative ways and trying to create new public arenas together with the audience, whether it be physically, through dialogue or participation.

Tool-kit interviews gather artists that the Create to Connect partners have collaborated with and find innovative, and have invited them to share their experience and their thoughts on finding new ways to the audience and with the audience.



Amy Sharrocks: WE HAVEN’T GOT A PLAN
Create to Connect Tool-Kit Interview

Amy Sharrocks (UK) is a live artist, sculptor and film-maker who invites people to come on journeys in which their own experience, communication and expression are a vital part. Amy has been making work about people and water for 10 years. She is well-known for Museum of Water, where she collects water and accompanying stories and work connected to exploration of falling. People’s experiences are at the core of her artistic exploration.


Create to Connect Tool-Kit Interview

Tandem Kitch has been experimenting with performance and critique in an interdisciplinary manner since 1999. Keeping a strong theoretical and conceptual background, focusing now on performance, especially on the performative potential of kitsch and trash, attempting to directly check beliefs in possibilities of political emancipation and disidentification on stage during the in-depth work with bodies – our own and spectators’ ones. Challenged with the collective work of various generations, Kitch reduces theatre language to reach over boundaries of stage, genres and the spectator-performer relationship in a more effective way.


Create to Connect Tool-Kit Interview

Markus Öhrn, Berlin-based Swedish artist has created video installations, performances and has worked in Create to Connect project at the Santarcangelo festival. Markus’ artistic focus is direction of intermedia projects. His works reflect themes of love, family relatonships, repression and violence. Inspired by his close relationship with his grandmother, her invited azdoras (Italian matriarchs) to cooperation, creating together a series of events and programs that continue to this day.


Create to Connect Tool-Kit Interview

Hotel Europa is a theatre company run by André Amálio (Portugal) and Tereza Havlíčková (Czech Republic). They develop performance work exploring the boundaries between dance, performance art and theatre in a process of collaboration. In their processes they use autobiographical material, verbatim material, family stories, national stories creating a complex web of references to popular culture and classical, creating performances that allows the public to travel across cultures, ages and genders and construct their own meaning and narrative. Hotel Europa construct performances out of the materials donated by people through collaborative work.


The interviews made by:

Sodja Lotker – interviewer

Dominik Žižka – camera, editing and music

Produced by: Create to Connect

Financed by: European Union – programme Culture


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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