13 and 14 May 2017

Arts and Theatre Institute, Olomouc, Czech Republic

in the frame of Flora Theatre Festival


In mid May 2017 CtC partner Arts and Theatre Institute organises a two day conference, that will unveal the theme of contemporary documentary theatre from different perspectives.

The conference will take place in the frame of the Flora Theatre Festival in Olomouc.

International participative & participatory conference ZA HRANOU / OVER THE EDGE – RISK, FEAR AND COURAGE IN (THEATRE) CREATION
(at Future Na Cucky Theatre, Dolní náměstí 42, Olomouc + Konvikt Aristic Centre, Palacký University, Univerzitní 3, Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Motto: We recognize the need for arts and culture sector to respond to the crisis, especially to neuralgic points of the disengagement of citizens in the public sphere, to the disintegration of participation in public matters and to the diminishing sense of community. Especially contemporary performing art with its direct interaction between artists and audience has potential to create a sense of community and conditions in which searching for new alternatives, giving voice to the ones that do not have it or opening opportunities to participate in the matters of public is possible. (Create to Connect)

The Arts and Theatre Institute has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the conference International participative & participatory conference ZA HRANOU / OVER THE EDGE – RISK, FEAR AND COURAGE IN (THEATRE) CREATION  organized in frame of the Create to Connect project in coopeation with Palacký University, Divadelní Flóra festival and Na Cucky Theatre. The conference will discuss different aspects of risks, fears and courage in (theatre) creation, such as personal motivations, artistic expressions, relations to donors, relations to spectators, impacts and tools of measurement.

The conference will be attended by Czech artists, theatre makers and experts, international guests (artists, cultural managers, dramaturges from France, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, UK) and students of theatre disciplines in Olomouc, Brno, Prague and Bratislava. The format of the conference is both, participative and participatory. On the PARTICIPATIVE DAY 1 the audience is offered an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss in person with outstanding guests from the Czech Republic and all over the Europe in form of round tables. THE PARTICIPATORY DAY 2 will be dedicated to issues discussed during the round tables on day 1, panel discussions with artists and final plenary discussion.

The conference language is English. Translation is not provided.

Confirmed guests of the conference (artists): Ricardo Fazzi (IT), Ana Borralho & João Galante (PT), Amy Sharrocks (UK), Bojan Djordjev (RS), Markus Öhrn (SE/DE), Ivana Rumanová (SK), Lana Zdravković and Nenad Jelesijević – Kitch (SI), Lukáš Brychta (CZ), Jiří Havelka(CZ), Petr Michálek (CZ), Kamila Polívková (CZ), Jan Tošovský (CZ), Jiří Honzírek (CZ), Ewan McLaren (CZ), Jana Hrabová (CZ), Tereza Durdilová (CZ)

Representatives of the Create to Connect project: Bunker, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Portugal), AltArt Foundation (Romania), Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette (France), Artsadmin (United Kingdom), Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Italy), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen (Netherlands), Festival De Keuze / Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Netherlands), Walking Theory (Serbia)

Moderators and speakers: Joost Ramaer (Netherlands), Pavel Štorek (CZ), Martina Pecková Černá (CZ), Martin Bernátek (CZ), Alma R. Selimović (Slovenia), Una Bauer (Croatia), Joanna Krakowska (Poland), Roman Černík (CZ), Kateřina Součková (CZ)

Olomouc is located in the heart of the Haná region. It has been one of the most important Czech cities from the old times. Palacký University, the oldest in Moravia and second oldest in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1573. The university plays a very important role in the life of the town: with over 25,200 students, Olomouc has the highest density of university students in Central Europe. It is a centre of Baroque architecture, music life and an inspiring independent theatre scene.

Flora Theatre Festival (Divadelní Flora) is a well-established festival of contemporary theatre and dance production of prominent Czech and foreign ensembles with rich off programme (concerts, workshops, discussions, lectures, film screenings). Within its 20-year-long tradition it has shaped into a fully respected Central-European festival which helps connect the regional cultural activities with international scene and makes Olomouc a cultural crossroad in the heart of Europe. The main programme of the 21st edition of the festival has a motto “Fluid Europe”. It will present productions of different genres which accentuate the cultural, demographic and social changes of the “old continent” accelerated by the migration pressure and the natural and long-acting globalisation and multicultural tendencies. The different genres, titles and nationalities involved in the productions reflect the variability of today’s theatre and dance scene and expose the current topic of communication and multicultural co-operation which are implicit prerequisites for full-fledged co-existence of people from various cultural and religious backgrounds. http://www.divadelniflora.cz.

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Photo: Archive of Flora Theatre Festival

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