Sunday, August 28th od 4 pm – 8.30 pm

The work of Brazilian director Christiane Jatahy is characterized by dialogue between artistic spheres and – as she calls them herself – new creative dispositifs. Jatahy found success already with her performance Julia, a simultaneous film and theatre adaptation of Strindberg, as well as having opened last year’s Mladi Levi with a contemporary version of Chekhov’s Three Sisters, a performance doubling as film.

The outset of #thewalkingforest.doc is another timeless classic, Macbeth, his lust for power so easily transposed into the contemporary zeitgeist. The focus, though, is here reversed – we’ve been inundated with stories of rotten, morally bankrupt rulers; the title hints at a fresh angle: Macbeth, let’s remember, scoffs at the prophecy Birnam Wood would march against Dunsinane Castle on account of failing to comprehend metaphor. Herein lies the challenge extended by the performance – what about us? Do we recognize ourselves in the forest, are we even capable of insurrection? Ljubljana plays the setting of Jatahy’s video installation, an amalgamation of the stories of people locked in conflict with authority; a mosaic of pre-recorded narratives, tales belonging to refugees to Slovenia, stories performed by local artists – all victims of a Macbeth of some sort or another.

Part of the Mladi levi Festival 2016.

Author: Christiane Jatahy
Inspired by: Macbeth (William Shakespeare)
Creation and live direction: Christiane Jatahy
Director of photography: Paulo Camacho
Live editing: Felipe Norkus
Performers: Andraž Jug, Gal Oblak, Sara Janašković, Miranda Trnjanin, Safiullah Ebadi, Ghasem Zarei
Producer and tour manager: Henrique Mariano
Co-production: Le Centquatre, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Tempo_Festival, SESC São Paulo
Cia Vértice de Teatro is sponsored by Petrobras.
Local producers: Katarina Slukan, Mojca Jug
Technical support: Janko Oven

Videoinstallation is in English.

More about the programme here.

More information: +386 51 269 906,

Photo: Cia Vértice de Teatro



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