Bram Esser – The stories of Groningen

27th – 29th August
Noorderzon festival 2018, Groningen, the Netherlands

TV Live – at Noorderzon Festival / Conscious Living TV, live!
Life questions and housing issues
The 70s irrevocably left their mark on the design of the city of Groningen. Just think of the much-discussed Traffic Circulation Plan, a state-of-the-art cauliflower district such as Beijum and the construction of Lewenborg with the progressive ideas of garden architect Louis le Roy. In what way was thought about the city of Groningen forty years ago and what have been the consequences? Philosopher Bram Esser and theater maker Wabbesch Wabbesch bring the audience back to the 70s with the dazzling living show Bewust Wonen of TV coaches Ramon & Etienne.

Noorderzon’s cooperation that invites audience to enter the festival not just though arts, but through media, discourse, devate and special reflexion of the city/town.

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